• ANCB: Museum As Activator

    In an increasingly urbanized world, Germany and Australia need strategies and tools to address social and cultural integration in the city and the peripheries. In this context museums in both countries are playing a central role in prompting discussion and transformation of culture. The two-day symposium ’Museum as Activator: Strategies for Public Space and Access’ at ANCB The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory will enable a broad dialogue with cultural experts, city planners, architects, artists and curators to workshop these very ideas.


    • Torsten Wöhlert, Permanent Secretary for Culture, Berlin
    • Paul Spies, Director, Stadtmuseum Berlin
    • Dolla Merrillees, Director, The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Sydney
    • Rob Adams, Director of City Design, City of Melbourne
    • Lisa Havilah, Director, Carriage Works, Sydney
    • Mark Loughnan, Architect, Hassell, Melbourne
    • Caroline Vains, School of Architecture and Design, RMIT, Melbourne
    • Natalie King, Curator of Tracey Moffatt at the 57th Venice Biennale 2017, Melbourne
    • Anne Loxley, C3West curator MCA, Sydney
    • Nonda Katsalidis, Architect, Fender Katsalidis, Melbourne
    • Claudia Perren, Director, Bauhaus Dessau
    • Brook Andrew, Artist, Sydney/Berlin
    • Bernd Scherer, Director, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
    • Alex Martinis Roe and Melanie Sehgal, FORMATIONS, Berlin
  • Design Sprint 2017

    Germany is at the forefront of the transition towards clean energy. This also includes the transition from vehicles with gas engines to full electric vehicles. Thus, as the future will not only be autonomous and connected, but also green, we were keen to host one of our Sprints in Berlin. Fittingly, we hosted the Berlin Design Sprint at the EUREF Campus, Berlin’s urban laboratory for the energy transition (“Energiewende”). The three sites explored in Berlin were: The Schlossstrasse in Steglitz, a main thoroughfare with retail malls on either side of the street; the Friedrichstrasse in Mitte, a major road that includes a tram line and is located in one of Berlin’s business districts; and the Hufelandstrasse, a residential neighbourhood characterized by side-street parking and cobblestones. The ideas for these sites ranged from the introduction of a road pricing mechanism that takes into account the socio-economic status of drivers to a system where street lanes are digitally opening and closing according to user demand.

    Ted Happold and the engineers collaborating with Frei Otto went on to establish the firm BuroHappold Engineering. In the years to come the Multihalle remained a role model for designing similar gridshells including the Japanese Pavilion at the EXPO 2000 and the Weald and Downland Museum in England. The community of Mannheim is now desperately trying to save the Mannheim Multihalle, which is in dire need of refurbishment. Due to the building’s underutilisation it is proving difficult to justify the acquisition of necessary funding. In the coming weeks BuroHappold is campaigning for preserving this architectural icon, including talks with students at the University of Stuttgart and a public discussion, which will be attended by some of the original project team members in Aedes Gallery in Berlin, Germany.
  • House of Weekend 2016

  • The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory – K. Feireiss Geburtstag

    Aedes wird sowohl mit den großen Namen der Architekturwelt verbunden, als auch mit der kontinuierlichen Unterstützung junger, aufstrebender Generationen von Architekten. Unter der Leitung von Gründerin Kristin Feireiss und Direktor Hans-Jürgen Commerell wurden im Aedes Architekturforum in mehr als drei Jahrzehnten über 600 Ausstellungen realisiert. Dabei haben viele namenhafte Architekten und heutige Pritzker-Preisträger wie Frank Gehry, Rem Koolhaas, Zaha Hadid, Thom Mayne, SANAA, oder Wang Shu ihre Arbeiten vorgestellt, lange bevor sie Weltruhm erlangten. Das Aedes Architekturforum strebt heute unverändert danach herausragende Beispiele zeitgenössischer architektonischer und urbanistischer Visionen einem breitem Publikum zu veranschaulichen. Für die erfolgreiche Vermittlung von Architektur und Baukultur wurde die Arbeit des Aedes Architekturforums mehrfach mit internationalen Preisen und Ehrungen ausgezeichnet.